Your business has all the things. 

Now what?


In today's world, small to medium businesses have more technology tools at their fingertips than ever before. Being successful has gone from being about simply having a website to having a Presence. 


The right domain name is just the beginning. You need a scalable, multi-channel strategy, including email, SMS, e-Commerce, social media, marketing automation, and a plan to efficiently manage all of the above.

That's where I come in.


As an experienced IT consultant, I've been a part of implementing technology and platforms for large corporations, as well as small to medium sized businesses.


The main difference between the two?


Trustworthy, transparent guidance. 

Trulane Technolgies was founded on the belief that ALL business owners deserve access to sound IT advice.


Are we paying for a plan that gives us more than we need? How do I get this to work with thatDoes it really need to cost that much?


There are so many questions, right? Let me help you with that. 

Email to learn how we can get started.